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What started out as a hobby now includes 10 different books that are for sale. It includes three genealogies of early settlers and four histories of the Wisconsin Dells area. Nearly all aspects of pioneer life in the Dells-Sauk County area are covered in these history books. They include plenty of pictures and illustrations.

The Curry family is related by marriage to Roseline Peck, the first white woman in Madison and Baraboo. This has been called the most complete history of this Peck family.

The Barringers came to Sauk and settled in 1840 on War of 1812 pension land. They have thousands of descendants. The Bunces, Burdicks and Hubbards can be traced back to England in colonial times. The Indian history is a collection of Indian stories of south central Wisconsin Indians up to the present time.


List Of Books By Ross M. Curry


1. Hidden History of the Wisconsin Dells Area

This book is about early settlers in the Sauk, Adams, Columbia, and Juneau county area. The author's family moved into this area in 1845, when Wisconsin was still a territory. His father knew most of the earliest settlers so much of this material is first-hand. These stories cannot be found elsewhere. *Cost: $19.99


2. The Forebearers and Descendants of Henry and Abigail Barringer

Henry and Abigail were my great-great grandparents. He settled in the Sauk County town of Reedsburg on pension land gained from his service in the War of 1812. His father served in the Revolutionary War. This book is a record of his family which probably now numbers in the thousands. *Cost: Soft Cover $25.00, Hard Cover $50.00


3. Curry's Combings, A Family History

This title is a play on words. This is the record of my great-grandfather William Curry's family. They came to Wisconsin in 1849 and were related to the Pecks by marriage, the Pecks were the first white family in Madison and Baraboo. This book like the previous one is a genealogy. *Cost: $15.00
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4. Dells Area History Vol. I and Other Stories

This is a collection of stories and articles that originally appeared in the Wisconsin Dells Events newspaper. This collection ranges from a complete history of the Dells to a lynching which will match any television shoot-'em-up show you care to watch. The story of the Winnebago Nation chronicles the earliest dwellers. The collection will be of interest to future historians who will find that Ross has done much of their research for them. *Cost: $18.00
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5. Dells Area History Vol. II and Other Stories

Most of the people in this book were well known in Kilbourn City which was the original name of Wisconsin Dells. This book is not only Dells history but also Dells Area history which we interpret as the four County Area of Adams, Columbia, Juneau and Sauk. Most of it takes place within a 15 mile radius of Wisconsin Dells so that all those interested in the history of this area should find something to their liking. *Out of Print
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6. Dells Area History Vol. III and Other Stories

This includes more stories than the previous two Dells Histories but fewer pictures. Volume III of "Dells Local History" includes stories such as "Vanderpoel built Dawn Manor," "I Remember Wigwams in the Dells" and " Louis Bluff Long Known as Lookout." *Cost: $18.00
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7. Dells Area Indian History

Dells Area Indian History which has gathered together all the Indian stories I have written into one volume. Each time I make more copies of this book I include any Indian stories that I have written in the meantime. Some of the stories included are, "Ho-Chunk-gara history spans 1,200 years", "Mound builders; Evidence of "lost civilization", "Black Hawk traveled early Dells Country", "The Decorah Chiefs", "Chief Yellow Thunder returned to homestead land", and "A brief history of early Sauk County" *Cost: $15.00
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8. The Bunce - Burdick Book: A Family History

Unlike the other two genealogies this book is mostly about my mother's family in Illinois and Pennsylvania. This history is that of Charles Gardner Burdick and his wife Susan Bunce Burdick. Included is all we know about their ancestors and the names of all their known descendants and some relevant history and vital statistics. Siblings of the ancestors are included as well. *Cost: $35.00
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These books have been sold in nearly every state in the Union. Most local libraries have some of them and the Wisconsin State Historical Library in Madison and the Mormon Library in Salt Lake City has a copy of all of them except the most recent one.

It would not have been possible without the cooperation of all my friends and those who purchased books. We are deeply appreciative of you all.

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