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Curry's Observe 40th Anniversary

Written on April 9, 2003 by Ross for the Dells Events

We had our 40th Anniversary celebration last Saturday. Why is that important? Aside from the obvious fact that more than half of the population never make it because of death or divorce, this observance happens to be our swan song, our last Hurrah.

We got married so late in our 30’s, that if somehow by the grace of God we live another 10 years we will be so old we won’t feel like celebrating anything.

My aunt married young and was married 19 years when she became a widow. She then was married 55 years to her second husband. But we can’t count on living to be 103 like she did.

We married April 6, 1963, the day was bright and sunny with the temperature over 70 degrees. But last Saturday was pelted by snow, wind and ice. The nastiest anniversary I can remember. My country western brother-in-law who was going to provide a large part of the program took a tumble on the ice and wasn’t able to come at all. Several others stepped up to make a thoroughly pleasing program.

Pastor Dotson of the Baraboo Assembly of God opened up the basement auditorium for us and we had chairs out for 140 people. There were about 30 no shows due to the weather, illness and other reasons which was offset partially by about 10 walk-ins. Pastor Dotson did a great job. We could never have done it without his help.

Some of the local people who attended besides my sisters Eva Claussen and Elizabeth Johnson, and niece Debbie Fischer, were former co-worker of 35 years Helen Coon and husband Harold, Judy Gibson of the present staff who did a great job taking pictures, Jean and Bill Brew, David Gregerson, longtime friend Roxanne Biffert, former editor Lonni Lown and husband Bill Smith, and former residents Al and Mabel Soerfass, Gerald Goman and Art Bunce. Art and Gerald had been in the same class in the old Oak Grove grade school and had not seen each other in 60 years. Of course they did not recognize each other. Daughter Laureen Hunter, a former Events employee, and nephew Dale Johnson, also a former Events employee were also there with their families.

I observed that we had been married 40 long years and never had an argument. I wonder why everyone laughed?

She took me for better or worse but it might have been worse that she took me for.

My dad observed when we got married and I only weighed four pounds more; “It looks like it is going to be a fair fight.”

Ring bearer Bryan, the little four year old nephew of my wife Sylvia, is now Major Bryan Phillipson with the United States military in the middle east somewhere north of Afghanistan. He emails me that his cousin told him he was getting married to the flower girl. “I did what any four year old would do,” He said, “I cried.”

Sally, the little not quite three year old flower girl is now the mother of 10 children and still looks like a teenager. I doubt that happens very often.

The program consisted of introduction of the wedding party and family and several people gave short talks of appreciation of the connection they had with our lives. Music consisted of our daughter-in-law and mother Judy singing a duet, several numbers by my sister-in-law and husband Rev. and Mrs. Roger Dissmore and family and a special number by the Curry Quartet courtesy of my son Ross and three grandsons, Alex, Ryan and Ross Tanner, that at least to this proud father and grandfather was the hit of the show. They didn’t get their musical ability from me.

So now it is all history. We are indebted to so many people who helped out and made an effort to attend. Sylvia and I appreciate it all very much.

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