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Dells Area History II – And Other Stories

Volume II
by Ross Curry

Three years ago we wrote “Ross’ Reminiscences” a Dells Area History. These nearly all sold out in two years time and I began to think about printing another edition, when it occurred to me that perhaps it would be better to come out with an all new edition of Dells Area stories. There is no shortage of Dells Area history, indeed I could probably write another book in a few years if there was demand for it and my health permitted.

But first we think of all the people who enjoyed the first book will like this one also. Most of the people in this book were well known in Kilbourn City which was the original name of Wisconsin Dells.  

This book is not only Dells history but also Dells Area history which we interpret as the four County Area of Adams, Columbia, Juneau and Sauk. Most of it takes place within a 15 mile radius of Wisconsin Dells so that all those interested in the history of this area should find something to their liking.

In addition to area history there are several stories about growing up in the area during the depression and WWII. I always tell everyone I wasn’t born at Wisconsin Dells, I was born at Kilbourn.

There is a story told credited to Art Linkletter who came upon a small boy drawing a picture. After watching him for awhile working intently on his drawing Mr. Linkletter asked him what he was drawing. The small boy responded that he was drawing a picture of God. Mr. Linkletter protested “No one knows what God looks like,” to which the confident boy replied, “they will when I get done.”

It is my hope that you will know more about the history of the Dells Area when I get done. Like the small boy my picture of history is related to my own experiences but every effort is made to make them true and factual.

We would like to express our thanks to Jean Reese and the Bennett Studio for use of their pictures, to the Wisconsin Dells Editor, Lonni Lown for her help and advice and to a multitude of Dells Area history buffs who not only gave me help with these stories but by purchasing the books made possible its printing.

Ross Curry
Dells Area History

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