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The Bunce - Burdick Book

by Ross Curry

This is the history of my grandparents, Charles Gardner Burdick and his wife Susan Bunce Burdick.

I have listed all we know about their ancestors and the names of all their known descendants and some relevant history and vital statistics. I have included what we know about our ancestors siblings but their offspring are too numerous for us to include in this brief history.

We dedicate this book to my mother, Sarah Burdick Curry and my grandmother Susan Bunce Burdick because their interest in passing down vital information made this book possible. This information has been acquired during a lifetime of searching in various libraries, courthouses and cemeteries; in writing thousands of letters all over the United States; and in traveling thousands of miles visiting relatives, cemeteries and historical organizations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Special thanks is extended to the late Veo Foster who researched a lot of the material on the Bunce-Kyle line of Susan Bunce Burdick.

Also a key contribution was that made by my niece Dianne Wood, who typed up the manuscript and partially made many additions and corrections.

This book consists of the following parts:

  1. The Aldens
  2. The Caprons and Banfields
  3. The Clymers
  4. The Kyles (Kiels)
  5. The Original Bunces
  6. Henry and Hester Bunce
  7. The Descendants of Henry and Hester Bunce
  8. The Ancestors of Charles Burdick
  9. The Descendents of Charles Burdick

Ross Curry

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